Nemertes Webinar


Is Now the Time to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud?

Customer experience (CX) is undergoing a transformation at nearly two-thirds of organizations.

Backed by real-world research data, Nemertes Research President, Robin Gareiss, addresses top-of-mind questions of CX leaders running on-premises contact centers and provides a roadmap for taking advantage of the cloud:

  • What have we learned from the pandemic that could affect your architecture decision?
  • What are the hidden costs to your business of remaining on prem?
  • What should you consider regarding workflows, agent experience, and integrations?
  • What are reasonable approaches toward realizing benefits of the cloud—such as scalability, global reach, and flexibility?
  • What benefits can you expect with more functional IVRs, video capabilities, new channels, and quick set-up globally?

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